Your life, your family, your business, your health, your relationships. Are they what you envisioned? Has it all gone according to plan? Probably not. And that’s usually ok. Life changes, plans evolve, surprises happen; and we work around them. But, there can be obstacles that are tougher to overcome than the usual daily challenges. And, sometimes, these can only be overcome with the help of life coaching (or, depending on the obstacle, executive coaching or even relationship coaching). Coaching helps you to change habits, identify self-confidence issues, and implement coping skills that will take your life and business to the next level.

At Thru Your Eyes, we are trained to help you to explore your view of the world, where you want to go, and how you can get there in a way that works for your mind, body, soul and business. More than this, we will help you to identify the challenges that may be hindering you from achieving your visions and, most importantly, to implement the solutions to overcoming these hurdles. These challenges may include lack of self-confidence in decision-making or leadership roles, compromised interpersonal skills, inadequate life skills, or a relationship that just isn’t moving forward.

By helping our clients to vanquish limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviours and decisions, we begin to create new ones. Ones that work, feed, nurture and elevate.

Thru Your Eyes will help you, whether as an individual or a company, to acquire a vision for your life or business, to set workable goals, and to achieve them. An integral part of this is to facilitate the letting go of past conditioning that is preventing you from moving forward. By casting off these burdens, you can begin to plan and live the best possible version of your life.

What we can assist you with

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a major part of the Thru Your Eyes approach because it focuses on the endless potential that comes from positive and proactive thought, and its effect on our behaviour. It is the study of excellence in others and, through thought and modelling, reproducing excellence in ourselves. With effective NLP tasks, you will understand the way that your thoughts and behaviours affect the outcomes you’re achieving, how you can change the behaviours that aren’t working for you, and come into a sense of wholeness.
Human Resource Consulting
Thru Your Eyes also offers crucial consulting work for the Human Resources (HR) departments of small businesses or massive corporations. By uplifting your staff members and leading them to excellence, you ensure that your business has motivated, happy, determined people behind its name.

Thru Your Eyes provides a safe space of non-judgement; where you can speak your truth, share your fears, and be part of coming up with a workable, efficient plan to overcome the things that are holding you back from achieving your vision. When you are ready for change, we are ready to guide you along a safe, natural path to excellence.

Why use us?


We strive to deliver products and services that best represent our client’s needs.


We go the extra mile to save our client’s costs, by delivering the lowest prices for top quality services.


We pride ourselves on client satisfaction. No matter the size, we treat all our client’s with the same level of quality service.

Our Work

Want to get in touch?

Our Work

Want to get in touch?


“Some of Granville’s strongest personality traits are that he is direct, honest and very professional. He takes his profession very seriously and will not compromise himself or his values. He is authentic in his approach to everything and brings this authenticity to everything he does. Granville does not shy away from addressing tough issues but does so in a way that builds the individual or the team.

I have had the pleasure of working with Granville professionally in the Human Resources environment which he spent 17 years of his career in. Where he worked with Senior executives and served as an HR executive on numerous Executive committees. He also built and groomed strong HR teams. His commitment to fairness and always putting his customers first is commendable.

Zibu Nqala – X ATC | FNB

“Granville has a passion for people. He can always be relied on to act in the best interest of the company, but has a complete loyalty to his profession. He is one of the best HR professionals I have ever worked with. He has earned the trust of his peers with his loyalty to the profession, his empathy and his commitment.”

Maude Korte – Head: Commercialisation – Digital Fast Lane | Nedbank

“I’m really grateful, Thank you!I started my Life Coaching journey with Granville with a request for his help that I may present myself for an interview with confidence and professionalism. Since the start of my coaching, I have found Granville to be accommodating, compassionate, understanding and dedicated to help me build my own self-worth and confidence. He has been able to deal with some curve-balls, that I have unintentionally thrown at him, commendably, resulting in some really positive learning. Whilst I am aware that I have a long way to go, I am starting to recognise the positivity in the ‘Tool Box’ that he is helping me regain, and I’m noticing some incredible results. I trust Granville, and am dedicated to working with him, until I have reached my goal, and no-doubt, so much more. I’m really grateful, Thank you!”

Christine Hurlimann

“A big thank you to Thru Your Eyes consulting for coming to my rescue! I approached Thru Your Eyes consulting with a severe, unexplainable form of social anxiety that was becoming progressively worse.
Shortly down the line, I have found a new sense of hope and ambition. With each and every passing day I find myself improving, feeling more confident and more at ease when in a social space.
I have been equipped with various easy to remember, easy to perform techniques to help overcome instances where I am feeling overwhelmed or unsure.
My obstacles have seemed to become a lot smaller.
I have always known the mind is a powerful tool, but did not know how to change my “mindset” or change what my mind had come to accept as “normal”.
By using various techniques with which Thru Your Eyes has equipped me with, I have been enabled to create new patterns of thinking, patterns that I am programming my mind to believe, the patterns that I have chosen.
Along the journey to sort out my core issues and concerns, I was able to improve other segments of my life such as financial, career, health and family segments (called the wheel of life), by only making small adjustments which required minimal effort. A win-win in my opinion!
I strongly encourage anyone, who is struggling or needs assistance, in any aspect of this thing we call life, to contact Thru Your Eyes!”

Daniel Adlam

“A life change – I would like to thank Granville from Thru Your Eyes for the life changing experience. I was in a very dark and dangerous place in my life. After my sessions with Granville, and all the advice, motivation, love and answers I received from him, my life changed completely. I am my old self again. I have a daily positive outlook on life and joy has become a permanent part of my life again. Thank you once again. May you be blessed.”

Anton Koen

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